Custom Design

Unlock the power of custom design with Graphix Garage. Our tailored design solutions breathe life into your brand and amplify your message across a variety of industries. Whether you’re in the business of IT, remodeling, HVAC, insurance, landscaping, marketing, medical transport, pest control, plumbing, real estate, restaurants, solar energy, franchises, or floral arrangements, our expertly crafted designs will set you apart. From professional elegance to tech-savvy flair, we create custom vehicle wraps and signage that make a lasting impression, generating leads and ensuring your brand stands out in the crowd. Discover the impact of personalized design and turn every drive into a marketing opportunity with Graphix Garage.


What's the cost vinyl car wraps? How much will my vehicle wrapping "look-at-me" style cost me?

The cost of a vinyl car wrap can depend on many things, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Vinyl car wraps are a great way to give your vehicle a new look without the cost of a full paint job.


Design and Art Development– The first factor that can affect the cost of a vinyl car wrap is the design and art development.


Materials Used – The materials used for your car wrap will also impact the cost.


Square Footage of Work -The overall size of the vinyl wrap will also impact the cost. The bigger the wrap, the bigger the bill! A larger surface area will make heads turn and bring more attention to your business.


Getting an Estimate – The best way to get a precise estimate for your vinyl car wrap is to call us, we can assess your specific needs.



Opting for a vinyl car wraps puts your business in the spotlight – stand out and turn heads! Cost can vary based on design, materials, installation, and more, we can give you a precise estimate for a finished project. Ready to turn heads? Get the best bang for your buck for your advertising, call us.

Custom Car Wrap, Graphic Design for Wrapping Your Vehicle
The team at Graphix Garage installing a custom decal.

Industries Served

> Home REpair

> HVAC Vehicle Wraps Trailer Decals

> Insurance Car Wraps

>Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

> Marketing & Advertising Agencies

> Medical Transport & Ambulance

> Pest Control Truck Wraps

> Plumbing and Gas Vinyl 

> Realtor & Real Estate Signs 

> Restaurants & Catering Windows

> Franchise Wraps & Graphics

> Florist & Flower Delivery

No matter your industry, Graphix Garage's custom designs will set you apart, generating leads, and ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression. Discover the impact of personalized design and turn every drive into a marketing opportunity with Graphix Garage.